Entrepreneurship is easy and simple, when we know the rules.


Let's understand the process, how to be happy and rich while doing the job of our dreams!




We all work for money!

But when we also LOVE what we do, we have the POWER to achieve great success! Usually, love doesn't like a form, but this one must have a definition in order to become a business in the true sense of the word. Because there is no dream that will pay our bills if we don't do it as we should.

To unite the parameters - what we LOVE and what makes PROFIT, by creating the right BUSINESS MODEL, is our first task in the Mini school of entrepreneurship.

Defining a lot of important questions, similar to the business plan, but practical and easy for people who are not experienced in business is the first-month goal.

I am helping you to understand HOW to transform your idea into a business and how to set your mindset on business-mode.



In an age when brands exist more online than in the physical space, marketing is, more then ever, a key item - an ID card - a shop window - an infinitely important business segment.


It is important to know how to place and present the idea, in order to attract good clients and associates!

One part of the job is done by Marketing, but like every machine, it has to be planned and coordinated with our business model. So as a second step, we deal with defining the communication channels, frequency, visual identity, and everything we need to achieve the goal. I teach you how to do that during the whole year, so you can always be prepared.





We can't do everything alone.

We need associates. As part of our team or as external experts.

Having a team, brings us to a sensitive topic, which is a common problem in practice. How to delegate work to a team member? To who? What? And more importantly how and when to control it?

The RULE is a basis, COMMUNICATION is a tool, and the effect is a GOOD TEAM.

To achieve success in delegation and team creating, we need to have a clear goal, that we have done, throughout a defined business model (1st step) and marketing strategy (2nd step)

The third step teaches us about all this.




Now, in the fourth step, we are talking about CONCRETE VISIBILITY.

It's time to start a business if we haven't by then ...

If the business is started, we modify the offers, conditions, and prices, in a way that will be the most useful for our time, capacities, and profit.

Month to create or restructure a website. Online shop. To check all the sales procedures. And prices. And post-sale actions. 

Entrepreneurs quite enjoy this phase.




If delegation is the hardest to master, finances are a topic that causes FEAR.

Fear of numbers and documentation. Fear of reality. Fear of ups and downs. No need, I would say, because business and you, communicate throughout numbers. I'm not saying that business should be seen ONLY through reports, but I'm saying that they should be monitored regularly!

So, the fear that is called - I can't even look at what my expenses are, I don't know what the total turnover of my job is and I don't know how much I earn - is not good. 

We are changing that in our fifth phase.

And when we look that fear in the eye, we acknowledge that everything is simple and that numbers are our friends because they are helping us, to understand better our business, then finances and administration become a piece of cake!

As simple as that!






Being a one-man-show entrepreneur, in practice, means that you have to be a MAN FOR EVERYONE and ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

To change that and to go on a long vacation, without checking emails and phone at all times, the last phase of a mini business school is crucial.


Now that we have determined a profitable business model, defined the annual marketing strategy, created a coordinated team of associates, adapted the offers, faced the finances, there is one more step left until our true happiness.


Daily, weekly and monthly schedule of obligations as a business owner. Business process automation, which creates your free time for creative thinking in business and happy vacation



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